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  • James Wahlberg

    James Wahlberg is a multi faceted director who brings a unique range of filmmaking experience to a variety of media platforms. Wahlberg first established himself as an animation director, then diversified successfully into live action, gaining ... Read More

  • John Bonito

    John Bonito is an award winning writer and director who got his start in the industry by directing a promo for SNL’s 25th Anniversary Special. Since then, he has joined an elite group of directors who seamlessly cross all genres, including promos, commercials and features.... Read More

  • Stephen Schuster

    Currently known for his dark and beautiful cinematography as a director, Stephen Schuster started his career with inspirational roots in comics and the storytelling aspect they present. In his youth, that passion drove Schuster pursue illustration ... Read More

  • Kevin Berlandi

    Director Kevin Berlandi was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was raised just outside of Boston, MA. He attended Emerson College where he received a BSSP in Marketing Advertisement and Public Relation with a concentration in Film ... Read More

  • Lionel Coleman

    Beginning his career as a network cameraman, Lionel Coleman’s work expanded beyond news stories and quickly reached to the art and depth of stories told well. This early work allowed Lionel to cut-his-teeth in refining his ability to shoot ... Read More

  • Woodhead

    The Woodhead troupe consists of director/writer Tony Yacenda, writer/comedian/actor Dan Perrault and comedian/actor/producer Sean Carrigan... Read More

  • Tony McNamara

    Tony McNamara’s prowess directing people, combined with his eye for cinematography make him one of the most consistent directors in the business. Never losing sight of the product, his versatility for commercial work is unmatched... Read More

  • Benjamin DeJesus

    Ben DeJesus is a director, producer and creator of content for television, music and digital outlets. Most recently, Ben directed the PBS documentary “Tales from a Ghetto Klown,” which captures the journey of actor/playwright John Leguizamo as he struggles to mount his latest one-man show on Broadway and beyond... Read More

We’re in the impact business.   The business of delivering powerful and captivating content, influential video campaigns, and comprehensive creative solutions.   We’re talking about a jaw-dropping, rim-rattling, sonic boom of a visual presence!  We’ve got an arsenal of experienced and determined game changers, who are driven to think differently, dream big, and reach for perfection.


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At The Cavalry Productions, we are proud to serve, proud to produce, and proud to deliver.   We blend engaging creative, collaborative spirit, high impact visuals, and flat out awesomeness into our award winning commercial and digital work.

The Cavalry’s talented and motivated team will work with you to make all of your visions spring to life.  We are responsive collaborators.  Our versatility and mobility parallel a traditional cavalry, increasing our value for clients through our dedication producing award winning results.

We have our sights set on the creative frontier.  Through this innovative and communal approach, we get to the heart of each client’s brand in order to formulate fluid, dynamic, and influential campaigns with high octane, crystal clear vision, and wildly effective visual messages that achieve maximum benefit. (Breath). The result is a collaborative knockout, a visual think tank of ideas and execution.  We operate as a faction of the greater cause, believing that no task is too small or challenge too great.


The Cavalry Productions

Commanding Creativity

The Cavalry Productions


People outside the industry often ask me, “So, what does a producer do?” Simply put, we gather the troops and wage a war against the enemy!

Wait, ...

The Cavalry Productions

LOS ANGELES, November 12, 2013

The Cavalry Productions has signed internet sensation Woodhead for both comme...


The Cavalry Productions's Facebook Wall

The Cavalry Productions's Facebook Wall

It's Award Season!!! Check out our latest work for Butterfinger: The Butterfinger Cups "Pre Pre Pre Awards Show" Extravaganza with The Daily Show's Samantha Bee & Jason Jones!The Butterfinger Cups Pre Pre Pre Awards Show Extravaganza w/ Samantha Bee & Jason Jones (Part 1)Think LA has the scoop on movies? Think again. Join Samantha Bee & Jason Jones in NYC for the Butterfinger Cups Pre Pre Pre Awards Show Extravaganza.
We are thrilled to be announcing the addition to the Cavalry's roster of the very talented Kevin Berlandi!!! After admiring his creative work and then getting to work with Kevin on a project for Toyota, we just knew he was going to be a great fit! Keep an eye out for the great work we are going to be doing together!The Cavalry Productions Signs Director Kevin BerlandiKevin Berlandi, known for his assistant director work on feature films such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Bourne Legacy, has signe
Big congrats to our friend Ross Marquand for becoming the newest cast member of "The Walking Dead!" Check out this great article from Huffington Post highlighting some of his awesome work! We can't wait to see him kill a bunch of Walkers!6 Things To Know About The Newest 'Walking Dead' Cast Memberwww.huffingtonpost.comRoss Marquand has been announced the newest addition to the cast of "The Walking Dead." The actor will join as a series regular sometime in the latter half of Season 5, which begins in February. The announcement leaves many viewers wonderin...


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The office this week in Paris, maybe longer? #goingglobal #future #bigplans #setlife @ Paris, France
Love doing business dinners in Paris! The Wine! The Food! The Future Office??? #global #hustling @…


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